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About The Green Valley Golf Group

Green Valley Golf Group offers the best that golf has to offer in the Metro Atlanta area. With five different courses, we have something to appeal to every golfer. All our courses are located central to Atlanta, with three courses located just south in Henry County, one further south in Forsyth and our last course is located in Monroe, Georgia.

Green Valley Golf Group has been family owned and operated for the past two decades. Our membership to Green Valley Golf Group includes access to all five of our 18-hole courses: Crystal Lake, Georgia National, Heron Bay, The Providence Club and River Forest. All five courses boast beautiful layout and scenery, each with its own level of difficulty sure to challenge your golf game. All courses house their own golf shop with up to date gear and apparel to accommodate your needs. After your round, have a bite at one of our clubhouse restaurants and check out any of the events your local course has to offer!