About The Green Valley Golf Group

The name, Green Valley Golf Group, is our way of recognizing the course where our story began

During the middle years of the 20th century prominent businessmen in the town of McDonough had a love for the game and a vision to bring it to their small part of the map. As the years passed, these pioneers paved the way for Gerald Schwendinger, who in the mid-1980s purchased the course that had affectionately become known to locals as, “The Valley”. As the saying goes, timing is everything and as the local community grew to become one of the fastest growing areas in the nation, so did “The Valley”.

Epitomizing the entrepreneurial spirit- sacrificing weekends, holidays, and vacations, Gerald ensured the success of his business with his commitment to customer service. It was this success and commitment that led him to design and construct The Cotton Fields Golf Course next to Green Valley in 1993. Gerald operated both courses until 1999, when the original land lease where “The Valley” was constructed expired. At that time Gerald passed his work ethic and the reigns to The Cotton Fields Golf Course to his two sons Jon and Jason. The next decade would see the addition of The Providence Club, Crystal Lake and Eagle’s Brooke Country Clubs to their portfolio, bringing us to the value and superb offering we boast today.

While “The Valley” is now just a memory, its spirit echoes still today. Visible through dedication to great customer service and superb course conditions, the Schwendinger family is ensuring “The Valley” lives on!

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